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EaterWire: Lawry's Celebrates 70, H&H uWink This May

Lawry's, 1938

BEVERLY HILLS: Lawry's the Prime Rib opend in 1938, and although the current La Cienega location isn't the original (it moved to the west side of the street and back), it's still been around for 70 years. Reason enough to celebrate. Throughout the year, the restaurant is offering cocktails that were popular back in the day, things like the Sidecar, French 75, White Lady, Angel's Wing, Between the Sheets and the Honolulu. Only thing better could be charging 1938 prices, but alas, they're $12. Full disclosure: We really ran this item to show off that classic photo. History! [EaterWire]

HOLLYWOOD: When Vert closed at Hollywood & Highland late last year, we found out Nolan Bushnell's (founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese) uWink was going in. And now the official verbage: "Each table will have its own touch screen terminal where customers can check-in, order food and drink, play games, and opt to self-check-out. The restaurant will feature large wall projections which will exhibit revolving dynamic imagery that allows the restaurant to change its vibe at a moment’s notice. The projections will also be used for restaurant-wide group gaming, such as Speed Unscramble or Trivia Live." Expect a May opening. [EaterWire]