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Eater Inside: Luckyfish

This little nugget is Luckyfish, the new kaiten sushi spot from the folks behind Sushi Roku. Tucked between Fritelli's and the Rite-Aid on Canon Drive, the room isn't very large, and while the design is attractive, the focal point is definitely the conveyor belt, which carries up to 250 plates at a time past 30 or so booths and seats. We've been to some nasty kaiten sushi spots, and this one definitely feels cleaner, sleeker, fitting for Beverly Hills. If that's not comforting enough to explore sushi motoring by in little compartments, know that every plate is embedded with a radio frequency chip to monitor how long it stays on the belt. Plates are color-coded, too, so you can monitor your wallet. Find more on Luckyfish here, and the menu here.