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Readers, Let's Be Frank

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No, seriously. We're not the first to write about Let's Be Frank, but we did finally get to try one. The cart is situated in the parking lot next to H.D. Buttercup's extra building, directly across from the new Father's Office in Culver City. With the weather so gosh darn nice right now, there's really nothing better than grabbing a dog and a cold bottle of soda, and sitting on a bench to shoot the shit with cart owner Sue Moore or whoever else happens to be there. Moore, "meat forager" for Chez Panisse in Berkeley, and partner Larry Bain created and started selling these grass-fed all-beef hot dogs in SF in 2005, and only recently opened a cart here. The weather's just more agreeable, Moore told us. The dogs are steamed and then thrown on the griddle with the onions for some flavor, tossed in a soft bun, and snap and juice when you take a bite. The homemade bread and butter pickles or the spicy pepper mixture for a topper is a must. Don't ask why, just do. The duo have plans to work the Santa Monica Pier circuit this summer, and there's talk of a mobile unit to do parties and events. Yes, LA needs more of these.