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Eater Inside: Goat

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Something about Happi Songs just wasn't working for Steven Arroyo, so he closed, did some minor decor changes, and went in a more American bistro direction with Goat. The new restaurant was to be called Wyeth, but literally overnight, Arroyo decided on Goat as a name. It's less contrived than Happi Songs, for sure, and probably more what the neighborhood needs, and considering how well Cobras & Matadors still does, and hitting the mark with newer concepts like 750ml and Sgt. Recruiter, it probably fits his repertoire better. The menu is right price point for the small, eclectic, Rita Flora-adjacent space. There are some goat references (cheese, confit) and all we can say is those dishes better work, because you can't serve something named after the restaurant and have it suck. And really, everyone needs to lay off the "bleating" puns.