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Eater PSA: Food Fare

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It's that time of year again: Food festivals. First up, the annual Planned Parenthood Food Fare which takes place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium this Thursday, March 13. There are two times---10:30am-2pm and 6pm-9:30pm---and both have just about the same vendors, but a few more restaurants, and more importantly, more wineries, set up for the evening hours. The event has long culinary ties: It began in 1979 with a cooking demo by Julia Child to raise funds for PPLA and now has more than 50 restaurants (the most participating to date), plus a slew of wineries, and table shopping at boutique, florists and craft tables, all to benefit PPLA. Restaurants this year include A.O.C., Lucques, Josie, Pink's, Michael's, Mako, Joe's and Bar Pintxo, Whist, Nook, Il Grano and more. Tickets are $125 and $150 at the door (AM), and $175 and $200 at the door (PM). [~ELA~]