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Bourdain, Les Halles, Richman

Anthony Bourdain muses on the latest ep of No Reservations, which had him back behind the stoves of his NY restaurant Les Halles for a busy double shift: "I was not so sure I could actually do what I'd hoped to do - that I was physically (or mentally, for that matter) up to the challenge. Carlos, my one time protege - and now the executive chef, had serious concerns. He pointed out, among other things, that the menu has changed - a LOT - since 2001. And that the busiest night I'd ever worked the line at Les Halles, we'd done 365 covers. That NOW they regularly did as many as 650 - with the same number of cooks!! And that I was suspiciously old - and out of practice - and couldn't possibly be serious about this whole enterprise anyway." Related: GQ's Alan Richman rips Les Halles to shreds, perhaps because Bourdain handed Richman the Golden Clog Douchebag Award. [Bourdain Blog/QQ/Diner's Journal]