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The Antonia Theory

We hate this theory that Antonia Lofaso will win Top Chef: Chicago for one reason: We didn't think of it first. Our advertisement theory is clever---and Colicchio discrediting it only gives it weight---but connecting the dots between the new exec chef of Foxtail and NBC/entertainment heavyweights financially invested in Foxtail is downright genius as far spoiler theories go. When we brought up the simultaneous opening of Foxtail with the season premier of TC4 to some of the SBE bigwigs a few weeks ago, they simply said, "It couldn't have worked out better for us if we planned it." Hmmm...yes. After getting to know Antonia a bit, we still think she gets far in the competition, but we'll say it's because of her talent and sheer moxie. Plus, Sam Nazarian can't control everything...can he? Does he? [Haphazard Gourmet Girls/ELA]