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Week in Reviews: LA Mill

Jonathan Gold is completely enthralled with what LA Mill brings to the collective dining-scene table, whatever that may be:

"The past few months have seen a lot of fascinating new restaurants open in Los Angeles, but the most interesting of them all may be a coffee shop in the restaurant-starved heart of Silver Lake, a place whose menu is designed by Providence’s Michael Cimarusti and Adrian Vasquez, and whose owners are devoted to the cult of coffee in the same way that a chapel might be dedicated to its saint.

It’s hard, in fact, to figure out exactly what La Mill might be — a lunchroom, a tearoom, a café, or a wine bar serving aged Sumatran peaberry instead of Bordeaux. What is clear is that no brew-pub impresario, no sushi master is more serious about his product than La Mill’s self-styled “Coffee Savant” Eton Tsuno, its equivalent of a rock-star sommelier."

The fact that even Mr. Gold can't completely define, in simple terms, LA Mill, is one reason why so many people were so annoyed with it in the beginning. This is conceptual, gourmet, even cerebral coffee, which doesn't fly when you just want a good cup of joe to go.
· LA Mill: The Latest Buzz [LA Weekly]

Lamill Coffee Boutique

1636 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026 323 663 4441