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Top Cheffage: Mega Recap, Week 1

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Now that everyone and their sister has jumped on the bloggy bandwagon (including Bravo; so many new bloggers this year), look for this round up what others are saying about Top Chef every week. Will this be a comprehensive list? Probably not, but we'll do our best. Last night: Episode one. We met the players, Bourdain and Rocco were judges, and everyone's already picking their favorites. Look for more thoughts, interviews, theories and maybe a spoiler or two from across the Eater spectrum, too.

· A debriefing from New York [Eater NY]
· A debriefing from San Francisco [Eater SF]
· No Keckler recaps this year, but recaps none the less [TWoP]
· The first bleeping episode was so bleeped [TWoP Forums]
· And more recapping... [Fans of Reality TV]
· Figuring out who's who, or who resembles who from last season [Grub Street]
· Racapping, handicapping, picking the front-runners [Serious Eats]
· Woe is he who makes nacho souffle [Channel This]
· Keep slamming our ad-theory, Tom. We know we're right. [Tom's Blog]
· A song for the departed [Blogging Top Chef]
· Predicting the next to go: Andrew, Mark, Valerie [Buddy TV]
· Chicagoans on the scene, filled with sightings, spoilers [TOC]