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Plywood Report: Seven Restaurant, Crown Bar, Animal, Name That Echo Park Cafe

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Seven from Angelenic

DOWNTOWN: Angelenic has full-on details about Seven Restaurant and Bar opening later this month at the corner of Seventh and Grand, an area first-time restaurateur Joseph Trahanian calls "the next La Cienega Boulevard." He's trying to bring a Westside or Hollywood vibe downtown, which means tufted leather booths, mirror-topped tables, "elaborate muli-tonal lighting displays," a lounge, DJ booth. Still waiting on a full liquor license, and although the menu isn't set yet, expect modern Italian cuisine. [POST-PLYWOOD]

HOLLYWOOD: Andy Fiscella released the name of his new project taking over the former Tempest, a few blocks from Winston's on Santa Monica Boulevard: Crown Bar. Last we heard from Fiscella, he said the Food Dudes, Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, might be on board to do a gastropup-type menu. Not sure if that's still the plan or not, but it would be smart. He's shooting for a mid-April opening. [PLYWOOD]

FAIRFAX: Speaking of the Food Dudes, we chatted with Dotolo about their restaurant Animal: Design work started, liquor permits filed, and they're still shooting for a May opening. [PLYWOOD]

ECHO PARK: We got a blurry snap and a query about an unnamed cafe at Laveta and Sunset: "They seem to be putting some big metal things (vents I assume) on the side of this building and doing construction inside. Are we getting a designer thing or another mom and pop? Someone with vision seems to have fixed up his old building from its old neglected self." We're all ears on this one. [PLYWOOD]