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StarWatch: Todd English at BLD, Jake G and Reese at Mozza, Kate Beckinsale at Bandera and MORE

You don't need get on a reality show to be our friend. We're easily bought with your celebrity sightings. See a star at your favorite watering hole this week? Put "StarWatch" in the subject line and drop it in.

BLD: From the inbox: "I was at BLD for lunch this weekend. Next to me was a large group having a little champagne lunch, including Mr. Todd English. Mr. Todd, a very busy man, was on his cellphone most of the meal, actually up PACING AROUND THE RESTARUANT, WEAVING AROUND DINERS, WHILE TALKING ON THE PHONE! Hysterical. Does that mean that we can all do the same at his place?" [StarWatch Inbox]

THE WAFFLE: On 3/11, Iron Chef Cat Cora stopped by the new Hollywood diner for a steak salad and a taste of various waffles. [StarWatch Inbox]

AUNTIE EM'S: From the sell-out farmer's market dinner on Tuesday 3/11: "90% sure I saw Mo Rocca talking about social media and his first love. (10% variance due to dim lighting that night & me sans glasses -- but I picked up his distinct lisp.)" [StarWatch Inbox]

BANDERA: "I spotted Kate Beckinsale with hubby and kids on Sun Mar 2nd. Couldn't tell what she was eating but she was looking good." [StarWatch Inbox]

CRAFT: "Had a really elegant lunch on Friday (3/7) which included an almost-billionaire sighting Stephen Bing (dressed way down, of course, in t-shirt and jeans) plus a casual Hilary Swank sharing a salad with a blonde gal. I recommend the grilled Peruvian octopus with yoghurt--was delicious." [StarWatch Inbox]

PIZZERIA MOZZA: March 12th, lunchtime, a "gaggle of celebs": Jamie Lee Curtis wearing all blacks and greys and her signature spunky haircut, and then cute couple Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon were sitting with some friends. "JG was scruffy and terribly attractive, much more so in person than I expected, and stared at RW adoringly, snapping a few candids of her throughout the lunch with his digital camera." Wethinks he's an investor. [Defamer]

IL SOLE: Spotted outside "inciting a near-riot," Michael Douglas on Sat night (3/8), but no sign of Katherine. Michelle Rodriguez was there, too. [Defamer]

KATSUYA: Friday, 3/7: Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor were at the original Studio City sushi spot with another couple. [Defamer]

VILLAGE IDIOT: Piano man Billy Joel was "low key in requisite celeb-staple baseball hat squeezed into a booth with industry types" day before the Grammys. [Defamer]

KOI: He'll get banned from everywhere soon enough: "march 1st... dennis rodman walking into koi wasted... a few drinks later, he got kicked out for shoving a kid at a birthday dinner one table over from him..." [Defamer]