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The Dish: Siena, Sheddy's, Marty D's

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Former Greco's, now Siena

PASADENA: Wandering through Old Town last week, we stumbled upon a "now open" sign for Siena in the former and very short-lived Greco spot. Not that Old Town needs another Italian restaurant, but our guess is it was easier to keep the theme than completely renovate. It's a sister restaurant for the Castenedas, who took over Xiomara around the corner and turned it into Mojitos. Siena is only open for lunch until it gets its liquor license, then it goes to dinner. (43 E Union St., 626.854.6050)

FAIRFAX/3RD: New owners took over the teensy Spanish wine bar Bodega de Cordova and turned into Sheddy's. We thought it was an Irish pub considering it's almost March 17 debut, but Thrillist says it's English with velvet alcoves, church pews, and various ales and stouts on tap, plus some Belgians in the bottle. Instead of a jukebox, you can sign up to do a 30-minute iPod DJ slot. (361 S. Fairfax, 323.651.1442 )

BEVERLY HILLS: In more wiener news, Marty D's has opened. Sandy (an interior designer) and filmmaker Marty Davidson turned the former Zen Zoo Tea into a cute little soda-shop looking place for dessert and dogs. Dandy Don's ice cream is used in the sundaes---including the eight-scoop "The Works," costing a cool $24.95. As far as those wieners go: The buns are from a recipe he helped perfect, chicken sausages are from a local vendor, and he has the kosher dogs shipped in from the East Coast. (230 S Beverly Dr, 310.273.7771)

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