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Boulud Hangs With Chefs, Learns About Chitterlings

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Tony Bourdain isn't the only celeb chef who can make an entertaining TV show. This weekend mega chef Daniel Boulud launches the third season of his show After Hours with Daniel, which was purportedly inspired by his great love of chillin' with his homies after their restaurants close. This season Boulud heads to New Orleans and South Florida, but last year he was in LA, and we have some super duper special Eater bonus outtakes with Nancy Silverton at Mozza and La Brea Bakery. And at Hatfield's, Boulud hangs with Fraiche's Jason Travi, Ludovic Lefebvre, food journo Russ Parsons and others, and learns an important lesson about the southern 'delicacy' that is chitterlings, or as the adorable Boulud pronounces them, "shitlins."

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