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O Bar & Kitchen, Not O-Bar, Opens Downtown

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O Bar via Angelenic

With Downtown exploding in restaurant and nightlife options, we have to throw this out to all the new business owners riding the wave: Please, for the love of all things sweet and savory, try and be more original with the names. Seven Restaurant & Bar will open later this month, not to be confused with Seven, an existing West Hollywood nightclub. And the owners of Oh! at the O Hotel realized how horrible that name was and changed it O Bar & Kitchen, no relation to O-bar, the restaurant and lounge on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, throwers of board game nights and lovers of the Lesley Special.

After a false start (and perhaps lack of direction), O Bar & Kitchen soft-opened a few weeks ago, has Noe sous chef Vahan Tokmadjian at the helm, and streamlined the American-Mediterranean menu. The boys at Angelenic were invited in for a preview of the burger, and it's statements like this that remind us they're real estate brokers not expert food writers: "Wearily taking a wide bite amid high expectations, I was instantly jolted by the rush of exquisite satisfaction and flavor — the Wagyu burger is pure confection, a bold statement coming from a staunch vegetarian who sways only in the line of journalistic duty." O Bar, like O-bar, has a slew of special nights up their sleeves for regulars, too: Free sangria happy hour on the first and third Tuesday of the month, free champagne on Ladies Night Wednesdays, and open mic nights every second and fourth Tuesdays starting in April. There's room on the Deathwatch for both.
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