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Zagat Voting: Restaurants, Let the Begging Begin!

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We got our first "vote for us in Zagat" email today, and we expect many, many more to come. This is actually a few weeks late---Zagat voting started on March 6 and ends April 13---but it's a nice looking email and beauty takes time. Last year, the "corporate commincator" for Zagat told us: "While we don't encourage restaurants to encourage their customers to vote, we don't necessarily frown upon it either. However...and this is a serious issue at Zagat...we don't allow restaurants to encourage 'favorable' voting of their restaurant." At least Beacon asks for a good review for them and "all your favorite LA spots."
· Zagat: New Buzzy Blog, Voting in LA [~ELA~]
· Beacon: Zagat [Beacon website]

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