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Packed Sardines Does Not a Good Mozza Pizza Make

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It's difficult enough just getting a reservation at Pizzeria Mozza, but to deal with the people who don't know how to deal with a busy, packed restaurant on a Saturday night is enough to make you leave...and go to Terroni. Some people can deal with sitting inches away from strangers and hearing every word of their conversation; others, not so much:

Apparently the cause of the kerfuffle was the woman directly to my left made some nasty comment to her dining companion to the effect of, "I can't believe this. They have us packed in here like sardines. This dude's ass" -- that would be my ass -- "is on my purse." The air of ungraciousness and entitlement with which it was expressed just completely incensed my friend. I didn't hear it - hey, it's loud in there - so it didn't bother me. I could see some really nasty faces on both diners next to us, though, when I finally started to look around. Had I heard the remark, I'd have just brushed it off or maybe thrown her a dirty look. Had my friend told me in the restaurant and let me known it really bothered her, I'd probably just turned, said something like, "You don't like me ass on your purse? Would you rather have my crotch on it?," and be done. But whatever. It sucked that three people were shoved onto a two-person table, but welcome to trendy dining in L.A.. I can handle a disgruntled princess whose tiara has gotten bent shoved beside me during a meal, but apparently my friend could not.
Long story---and it's a doozy---short, this threesome left Mozza on a busy Saturday night because the next door neighbors didn't know how to keep their passive agressive attitudes in check. Here's hoping someone with a really fat ass sat next to princess pizza.
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