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Rounding Up Top Chef Chicago, Week 2

This week wasn't a blow-out episode for Top Chef fans, but there's still plenty of chatter to be found. Check back next week for new recaps, interviews and more TC frivolity.

· LA Debriefing: Antonia and the Gorillas [~ELA~]
· NY Debriefing: NYers "steal the show" [Eater NY]
· SF Debriefing: The chefbians, others make it through [Eater SF]
· Jennifer talks about competing against her GF, plans, etc. [Yumsugar]
· TC lesson #35: never serve anything you haven't made before [Serious Eats]
· This week's ousted chef says it wasn't her fault [~ELA~]
· Another brill song for the departed [Blogging Top Chef]
· Twitchy Andrew is "Avante-Gaurdian Angel" on FOHBOH [Show Tracker]
· Cheftestant Manuel loses post at Dos Caminos in NY [Eater NY]
· Padma & Tom together. Again. [Amuse-Biatch]