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Plywood Update: Malibu Pier's Pending Restaurants, Bar

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Earlier this year we learned that the company behind the Ruby's Diner chain and the Beachcomber Café at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach will be opening new restaurants and a bar on the Malibu Pier, and we just happened by last weekend and took a look around. The Malibu Pier Club Bar will take one building on the beach-side of the pier, and the Beachcomber Restaurant will open in the former Alice's Restaurant alongside it. (Interesting fact: We found an article saying Bradley Ogden was partnered to open something in Alice's Restaurant a few years ago, but it never happened.) A shake shack is supposed to open in one of the buildings at the end of the pier overlooking the water, probably in the fall. It looks like there's still a lot of work to be done, but we didn't see inside the bar building, which will open first. It's close, though, because they're hiring staff as we speak.
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