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Supperclub Bringing Dominatrixes, "Midgets on Bicycles" to Vogue Theatre

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Photo by Spatial Palimpsest, Flickr

The Guide has the goods on Supperclub, an international supperclub chain that's taking over the historic Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard: "Patrons eat and drink on actual beds while watching edgy performers (dominatrixes, opera singers, midgets on bicycles, etc.) during lavish multi-course meals." The owners say: "In Amsterdam the shows tend to be more fetish-like, in Rome the shows are more serious, and in San Francisco anything goes. . . . We'll see what happens in L.A." And Fritz the ghost can stay. If all goes as planned, the massive venue (seats 570) will open by the end of the year. Couple this with Asia LA's "gender illusitionists" and it's confirmed: No matter how much they try to gentrify it, Hollywood will always be Hollyweird.
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