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Mysterious SBE Bread Run: Foxtail or The Abbey?

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According to the Haphazard Gourmet Girls, someone spotted a chef in a black SBE chef's jacket at the Pavilions in West Hollywood hoarding a cart-full of crappy bread products on Saturday night. The tipster immediately assumed the low-budget bread products were going to the SBE's newest outpost, Foxtail, mostly because of its close proximity to said Pavilions. Now, we're fond of rumor, conjecture and good goss as much as the next person, but we're just as fond of debasing rumor as spreading it. And when it comes to hometown Top Chef Antonia Lofaso, we really take issue. Not just because we met her and actually quite enjoyed the steak, truffle eggs and frites at Foxtail; it's because she's the only LA contestant on Top Chef. And when it comes to Top Chef, there's a little thing called city pride and a hefty dose of sibling rivalry that makes us, well, feel a little protective of our girl Antonia. No one asked the buyer, and it will be difficult to get the restaurants to confirm, but here's why we think that bread wasn't going to Foxtail:

1) Antonia wears a white chefs coat with Foxtail embroidered above her name, therefore we assume the other chefs wear white, not black, coats in her kitchen. The chefs at The Abbey, another SBE restaurant, wear black chefs' jackets.

2) The menu at Foxtail has fewer bread products than the Abbey, which has croutons, sandwiches, etc.

3) The Abbey is even closer to that Pavilions than Foxtail.

4) Antonia, a Spago alum, just wouldn't. The Abbey just would.
· Antonia Lofaso's Getting Baked [Haphazard Gourmet Girls]