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Beso Reservation Maze

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The long obession wait is over: Word is the Todd English/Eva Longoria vehicle, Beso, will finally open to the public Wednesday night. We called to verify and the reservationist once again said they've actually "been open for weeks," but we've heard that one before. The restaurant was open but booked, friends and family only and/or closed for a private party. So is this offically official? Apparently so, and getting a reservation at Beso days before it "officially" opens is harder than both Mozzas, Comme Ca and Bastide put together. Or so they'd like you to believe. Here, the Beso ressie line, in three parts:

Caller #1: Hi, I'd like to make a reservation for this week.
Beso: Oh, we're completely booked.
Caller #1: You mean you're closed for private events again?
Beso: We're just completely booked. Would you like to be on the waiting list?
Caller #1: No. Last week I had a reservation for March 25 but the hostess called back saying the restaurant was closed for a private party. So which is it?
Beso: We're just completely booked.
Beso: Our advice is to call about 30 days in advance to make a reservation.
Caller #1: N-OK, thanks.

Caller #2: Hi, i'd like to make a reservations for tomorrow night
Beso: we're actually fully booked.
Caller #2: oh, ok, when might you have availability next?
Beso: we suggest you call 20-30 days ahead
Caller #2: ok, what time to you have for two, 20 days from today?
Beso: do you have a second? hold please
Beso: actually, we have april 8. what time would suit you?
Caller #2: what time do you have?
Beso: well, we could do 6:30 or, i'm showing, 9.

Caller #3: Hi, I just heard you're open this week. Can I make a reservation for tonight?
Beso: We're booked solid, but maybe the end of next week?
Caller #3: Sure, OK. End of next week is good. What do you have open?
Beso: Well, what do you want, I don't know are you thinking, like the weekend?
Caller #3: What's the next availability for four?
Beso: Ok, let's see. We can do April 4 at 6:15.
Caller #3: No, that's too early. Would a table of two be easier to squeeze in?
Beso: Let's look...I can to 7:45. That's later. Or 8:15pm.

One of our callers was told, once again, that although the massive space is at least one half bar/lounge, only those with dinner reservations are allowed in the bar. But that just doesn't sound like good hospitality sense now does it, so someone will have to give it a test run and let us know how it pans out.
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