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Plywood Update: Santa Monica Seafood's New Locale

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Renderings courtesy Shook Kelley design firm

Late last year, Santa Monica Seafood opened the 10th Street Cafe in a former Carl's Jr. on Wilshire Boulevard, which we learned would eventually be the new permanent home of the seafood retailer with fancy new additions. We now have the full story (and the above to sate our rendering lust). When the new location opens later this year, it will have space for a larger fish selection, better refrigerated cases to showcase the goods, an oyster bar, sushi, breads, cheeses, and beer and wine service, a 40-seat cafe, and in-store demos by local chefs. Consider the 10th Street Cafe menu the testing ground for what's to come: several dishes (clam chowder, fish and chips, Baja-style fish tacos) will remain. As far as design goes, owner Michael Cigliano says, “The store front and interior will have a rustic Tuscan feel, while the rear of the building will represent the look and feel of a dockside ice house.” The 10th Street Cafe will stay open approximately until June; the Colorado location won't close until the new space is ready, probably in the fall.


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