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Plywood Query: Is Travi Taking the Scarboni Space?

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We walked by the shuttered Scarboni restaurant over the weekend, and a homeless guy stopped out front and asked if we knew why the work stopped. "They were hammering away inside, and then nothing for about the last two weeks," he told us. We thought he was just an interested Plywood watcher, but no: That's where he sets his bike full of his life and holes up for the night. Here's why this space on Wilshire near the Third Street Promenade is so interesting to us: The pending ABC license has Thierry Perez listed as one of the company officers. Perez, as we know, is part owner of Fraiche in Culver City with chef Jason Travi. Let us remind you that Travi is opening a second restaurant in Santa Monica: yet unnamed, somewhere near the beach, in a spot the city wants to designate as a historical building, all Italian, pizzas, desserts by wife, pastry chef and co-owner Miho, to open by the end of the year. So let's look at the evidence: in a historic building (1), which we heard was somewhere around Third or Fourth streets (2), near the beach (3ish). Put it all together and we ask: Is the former Scarboni restaurant home of the next Travi/Perez venture? Story developing...
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