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New Paperfish Chef

It's been two weeks since Joachim Splichal and executive chef Yianni Koufodontis parted ways at Paperfish, and it comes as no surprise that his replacement comes from deep within the Patina Group pool. Kevin Meehan replaces Koufodontis, who left only three months after the restaurant opened and just a few weeks after the Los Angeles Times gave Paperfish a half-star review. After tooling around several LA restaurants (Bastide and L'Orangerie are highlghted on his resume), Meehan has been chef de cuisine at Patina since 2005 when it opened downtown. This feels less square-peg-in-round hole, (Koufodontis was new to the Splichal regime), so there may be fewer bumps ahead. But will bringing in a Patina alum make the "anonymous" cuisine feel any less "hotel or corporate restaurant?" [~ELA~]