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Eater Inside: BLT Steak

It was difficult to really see the space at the preview party, so now a nice clean look at Laurent Tourondel's BLT Steak. Le Dome's walls, dark corners and red carpeting have thankfully been replaced with walnut floors, comfortable banquettes, big booths, which means no place to hide. And with BLT's popularity in New York and the Strip's need for something a bit more sophisticated than, say, Saddle Ranch, the scene could be an interesting one to watch unfold. LA needs another steakhouse like it needs another car on the road, but considering the location, the patio and those freakin' popovers, BLT has its place. The porterhouse for two might have something to do with it, too, or the French accent here and there, the seasonality (full menu here). Once Tourondel and the corporate chefs head off to open another BLT something somewhere, chef Noah Rosen (Minibar, Wilshire) will be left to his own devices. Managing partner Brad Johnson, not unknown to the Strip (he was a partner in the Roxbury in the 80s), will keep an eye on things. Previous coverage, and more on Tourondel here.