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EaterWire: Sheddy's Will Finally Uphold Two-For-One Deal, Aroma Bakery in Hollywood

FAIRFAX/THIRD: The little bar that could finally will: Sheddy's, which announced a big St. Patrick's Day opening with the promise of cheap beer and wine, didn't open, but will make a second (or is it third?) attempt on April 1. Better not be an April Fool's joke. The locals are getting restless for the two-for-one discounts. [Blackburn and Sweetzer]

HOLLYWOOD: A tipster sends word that the Aroma Bakery and Café is planning a move into the former Rock & Roll Denny's/Roman's space on Sunset: I live across the street and just got their "intent to sell booze" notice---paraphrasing, of course. That would be a great addition to the 'hood. Plus the tagging was getting way out of control, not to mention the homeless setting up camp in the parking lot... bring the hookers back and it would've been the 90's all over again! (btw, I think it's the sister café of the one on Ventura in the valley, not the one on Tujunga — though I wish it were!)" That last part is confirmed: Second location for the Encino Aroma Bakery & Café. [EaterWire Inbox]

ECHO PARK: We've been queried but don't know the answer yet. Perhaps one of you sweet, sweet readers can help: "Any info on The Park in Echo Park? On the corner of Sunset and Douglas in the former El Autentico space. Soft opening this week. I live in the area and received a postcard." [EaterWire Inbox]