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The Shutter: Victor's Deli, Not Victor's Restaurant

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Signage from Ritz Bites

Sure, she'll miss the matzo ball soup and wine selection at Victor's Deli, which closes this month, but this Bronson Canyon/East Hollywood Hills blogger cares more about its replacement: "Will an enterprising restaurateur PLEASE open up a lovely wine bar, or a sleek cafe, or something that's better than the mediocrity that lines this stretch of Franklin Avenue...It's a space with potential that comes with a built-in customer base! Look at all those packed restaurants along the strip, like tre shitty La Poubelle, with its apropos name. Even Victor's Restaurant does strong business with its gross dirty ceilings, old ratty carpet, depressing decor and average food." Won't someone help, please?
· Loss to the neighborhood, and a big opportunity: Victor's Liquor & Deli closing [Ritz Bites]