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Eater Inside: Beso

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Behold, sanctioned images of Beso, the Hollywood restaurant cheffed by Todd English and his people, and flacked by Eva Longoria and hers. You'd think such a pairing wouldn't find much common ground, but apparently there's enough to open this splashy, sparkly, semi-Mediterranean with a touch of Latin flair restaurant and lounge. The space is massive, crystal chandeliers (picked out by Eva!) hanging from exposed beams, caramel-colored faux crocodile booths, tufted leather chairs, VIP tables and a private lounge upstairs, a huge square bar for fresh-fruit cocktails down, and a ceviche station. The sample menu shows promise on paper; execution is yet to be seen. Exec chef Robert Gonsalves worked for English and Olives for years, and he has Cooking Under Fire winner, Katie Hagan-Whelchel, by his side; after a few good meals at Olives in Vegas, we should deduce that will could work. Right? English has to come out like gangbusters for his LA debut. Hopes are high. Full-on Beso coverage for further reading.