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Hollywood Stabbing at Mood, Near Geisha House

The Los Angeles Times reports that there was a stabbing inside Hollywood's Geisha House last night, however TMZ says the fight and stabbing happened at Mood and the melee ended up at Geisha. Not too long ago, there was a shooting in the parking lot at Les Deux, another Dolce property. We're awaiting word from the Dolce group, but until then, more than wondering what it is about the Dolce restaurants that attracts so much trouble, but what the hell is going on in Hollywood?
· Man stabbed in Hollywood restaurant [LAT]
· Man Stabbed in Hollywood Club Ruckus [TMZ]
· Bad press day for Les Deux and Lonnie Moore [~ELA~]

UPDATE: Word from Dolce Group spokespeople is that the brouhaha did not take place at Geisha House. Repeat, no blood on their hands.