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Frozen Yogurt Wars, Springtime Edition

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Oh, New York's got nothing on LA when it comes to the froyo onslaught. No-thing. You thought you could escape the ooze? Silly, silly readers. Chalk it up to a winter hiatus. A no-froyo slumber, if you will. We'll never escape the sticky sludge. New shops continue to open across the land.
Blue Mango via Yelp; Snowpod via Blackburn & Sweetzer

MID-CITY: We've had a couple reports of Snowpod opening at the Beverly Connection, and Blackburn and Sweetzer reports that the froyo is tangy, but sweeter than Pinkberry, and there are three Apple computers set up for free use. Sticky keyboards = no fun. (8489 W 3rd St.)

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Another newish entry: Blue Mango opened a couple months ago on the western side of the Sunset Strip, near Doheny (right across from the Wells Fargo). They bill themselves as the "organic" froyo chain and they have four flavors including "blue mango," unshockingly blueberry and mango blended together. Décor is just another variation of Pinkberry, but blue. (8961 Sunset Blvd., 310.271.8111)

GLENDALE: Since they've just about run out of fruit-color name combinations, froyo owners are venturing into complicated variations on "yo": Thus, Yogiyo, which opens its first location sometime next week, if "all goes as planned." We're yet to find out how this one differs from any of the others, but does it really matter at this point? Another location will open in Culver City in about two months. (9818 N. Pacific Blvd.)

SHERMAN OAKS: Trying to separate itself form the pack, Yogurtland, "the nation's FIRST and ONLY self-serve frozen yogurt shop," opened earlier this month. Not only are they "the nation's FIRST and ONLY," they claim to have 16 flavors, more than 30 toppings, and charge 30 cents an ounce. We think this is the fifth location, but looking at the "coming soon" page, it looks like they're attempting a full-on Pinkberry take-down. (4954 Van Nuys Blvd.)