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Casting Call

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So you think you can cook? The producers of Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are looking for contestants for a new "reality" competition show: "Casting is looking for outgoing and enthusiastic pairs (couples, relatives, friends, co-workers, etc.) who have the drive, determination and dream to open their own restaurant. Perhaps one of the pair is a whiz in the kitchen and the other is a front-of-the-house superstar, maybe one teammate is all business and the other is all about the food- we want to meet them and make their dreams come true! " Ah, the dream of trying and failing in the restaurant business is just so sweet. Tastier still: The hope that Ramsay himself (although not affiliated with the show) might be coaxed into calling you a donkey making an appearance. In-person casting call is Saturday, March 8 at Simon L.A. All the deets right here. [EaterWire]