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Nobu LA, Revealed

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Behold, a sneak peek at the new Nobu LA, which opens this Wednesday, March 5. This location, like many others, was designed by David Rockwell, and there's absolutely no semblance to the L'Orangerie of yore. The center atrium, the booths, the gloriously tall flower arrangements, gone, gone, gone. The interior is definitely snazzy---probably the "hot chick at the bar" who always gets hit on that managing partner Richie Notar compared it to; the hideous purple and black exterior must be the fugly friend with the sense of humor she always takes along as a buffer. Above, the enclosed patio dining room. Inside, another room ("more red with different light fixtures") with the sushi bar, and there's a fairly large lounge area. Reservations are taken one month to the day, but at last check, there was still some availability for Wednesday. There are at least three seatings, and they're keeping a firm grip on the timing (no 7:30 or 8pm tables, for instance), and don't be alarmed when they tell you there's a two-hour table limit. Oh, yes. Game on.