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Pebble Beach F&W Fest: The Wine Room

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The best place to land at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Fest was here: The wine room at the after party. Every night after after all the chefs demoed and cooked and plated and fed the masses, after every sommelier poured and tasted and swirled, bottles of wine miraculously ended up on this table in this one room. We'd find Ming Tsai, Todd English, Ted Allen, SF's Elizabeth Falkner, Walter and Margarita Manzke, Josiah Citrin and myriad sous and chef de cuisines in the other rooms where the cocktails were flowing and the music was pumping. Here, in this room, we handed Thomas Keller whatever red was closest (he passed on the Ravenswood zin for a Silver Oak cab) and asked how he makes that incredible potato mille-feuille (he completely obliged). This room was never empty, nor was the table. This room was also partially responsible for our lack of updates this weekend. We'll have a full report on Monday.
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