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Grilled Cheese Insanity at Clementine

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It's confirmed: Annie Miller and the Clementine crew have completely gone off their rockers. For grilled cheese. Because April is Grilled Cheese Month, they've copied a voter's sample ballot and in painstakingly great detail changed all the graphics, instructions (in multiple languages), measures, confusing explanations, amendments and bill of rights to reference grilled cheese and other cheesisms. We're particularly fond of Partisan Cheese Measure number 24a:

RATIFICATION OF THE DEFENSE OF GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH ACT. A “Yes” vote amends the U.S. Grilled Cheese Code to make explicit what has been understood under federal grilled cheese law for over 200 years; that a grilled cheese sandwich is the union of two slices of bread with cheese. Requires that cheese melted on one slice of bread be designated as “open-faced grilled cheese,” and such designation may not include any use of, or reference to, the word “sandwich.”
Every week, in the Grilled Cheese Primaries, there will be five different grilled cheese specialties; whichever one is "voted for" (has the most sales), will go to the final Super Cheese Days (April 28-30). The winner will be the next "Commander in Cheese," and all can be tracked on This is all so ridiculous and clever it far surpassed being too clever.
· Melt the Vote: Clementine 2008 [MeltTheVote]