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Mark Peel's New Hub of Mixology

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If there's one thing we've learned in our oh-so-many years of restaurant working and watching: Nothing's set in stone. Last year we learned that Campanile chef/owner Mark Peel and his GM and wine director Jay Perrin would open a new wine bar concept in the former Oasis space on La Brea. Several months later, a reader spotted a "for lease" sign on the location, and Perrin told us they were taking the whole shebang to Culver City. We haven't heard much until today: Peel and Perrin decided to stay in the Oasis location but it's no longer a wine bar and now all about mixology.

There's talk of a "star" mixologist from the Bay Area doing the cocktails and a menu that's more accessible in execution and price point than Campanile, but both very seasonal and farmer's market-focused. The decor---bar on one side, restaurant seating on the other---will have a pre-Prohibition vibe with a contemporary spin. Perrin says the goal is to make it comfortable enough for people to want to come back several times a week. One of the earlier issues that had them thinking twice about the location was parking, or the lack of it, espcially between 4pm and 7pm when you can't park on the street. That hasn't changed, but they're working on it. The timeline for the new place, tentatively called Glass and Mirrors, is hard to gauge since construction hasn't even begun. "The city will dictate when we open," says Perrin.
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