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Another Waffle Idea Waffled: De-Belgu, Open or Not?

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A reader received this postcard about de-Belgu, a newish Belgian waffle shop in their neighborhood, but had a query: "Chowhound indicated it opened in late December, but then reports came out that it closed in Mid February. Yet, low and behold, it must be operational again since they are soliciting a 'buy one get one free' promo on the postcards sent out to the local neighborhoods. Can you please investigate and solve the mystery?" One mystery answered comes courtesy the card: These liege waffles are "basically the Belgian doughnut," sweeter and denser than the Belgian waffles we typically enjoy at breakfast. As for if the shop is open or closed, we called and no one answered, and according to the card, it's open all day seven days a week. Maybe there was a mad rush for the lieges, but it's not a good sign. All this opening and closing and two-for-one business suggests poor planning or LA just isn't ready for Belgian waffle-type snacks. Heck, LA's barely ready for waffle-named restaurants.
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