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Eater Inside: La Grande Orange

The restaurant circle of life continues: Here we have Pasadena's new La Grande Orange. We had an early look at the empty train depot last year when blueprints were on the counter and chalk outlines for the bar were drawn on the patio, and we can honestly say the finished product is a stunner, courtesy Kris Keith and Spacecraft Design. The building was moved to the park across the street for Gold Line and apartment construction and then moved back, the bones (ceiling beams, some original tile work, windows) were kept intact, and the lush colors, leather booths, dark wood furniture and light fixtures added to enhance the original space, not hide it. There's an enclosed bar off to the side which has perfect views of the Del Mar train stop right outside. The menu isn't ground-breaking but somewhat seasonal and sounds just about right for the 'Dena crowd they expect to attract (re: Rotary Club, families): everything from deviled eggs to roast chicken, salmon or prime rib to pan-roasted lobster taco platters. Another bar will be housed in an adjacent building to open later this year. More reading here and here.