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The Beso Guessing Game Continues

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Last week we were told that Beso would open this week. Thursday, March 6 to be exact. But we've come to learn that Thursday is just an opening party for all the major players (Todd English, Eva Longoria Parker, Jonas Lowrance, JT Torregiani) and their friends. A call to the restaurant confirmed that it will not be open to the public...until the end of the month. "Check back about the third week of March," we're told. PR won't confirm anything. There's a lot still happening---dishes and equipment just now coming in, the big signage on top of the building still had scaffolding this past weekend, staff is training---and getting a hard date from anyone involved is about as much fun as pulling teeth from a baby. But tomorrow...oh, tomorrow...we'll have some serious scoopage. Stay tuned.
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