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Eater Inside: Tranquility Base

Alen Lin, 2/28/08

This here is the latest debut downtown, Tranquility Base Restaurant & Lounge, which opened on the ground floor of the Sky Lofts in mid-February. There's some oddness here---it's named for the Apollo 11 landing site, there are lunar blue and silver-colored booths, LCD screens with scenes of the moon and natural landscapes, and LED lights that change colors, which looks pretty trippy at night. The decor is supposed to switch with the seasons, but we're not sure how that will work. Hopefully the patio with its cabanas and firepits won't change because it has all the markings of a perfect summer cocktailing spot. The lunch and dinner menus are supposed to be seasonally focused, and don't expect any ground-breaking cuisine, but the prices are easy to swallow. Here's a preview from Angelenic, and an early review from Metromix.

Nice cabanas!