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Eater Sneak Peek: Beso, Revealed

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Behold, Beso, the new restaurant on the corner of Hollywood and Ivar with big names behind it: Chef Todd English, Eva Longoria Parker, Jonas Lowrance (Rokbar) and JT Torregiani (Bella, Ketchup and BF to one Ms. Paula Abdul). The restaurant opens sometime this month (although we hear next Wednesday might be the sweet spot), and has plans for a big bash this week. Final details are still being hammered out---literally---as we saw today. Some details: Caramel-colored crocodile and leather booths, tufted chocolate brown chairs, an upstairs lounge, and a huge square bar with surrounded by banquettes and ottomans. Designer is Tracie Butler, who worked with Shereen Arazm on Central and Parc. More details about the space, the players, the menu and a moment with chef English himself later.
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A booth close-up

The huge bar area