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Another Myers Restaurant in the Works?

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We don't have the full details yet, but we know this much: David Myers is planning another restaurant on La Cienega. When Boule moved a few doors down to become Boule Atelier, that left the original space empty. A neighbor sent us notice that there's a public hearing for the business at 420 N. La Cienega, which applied for a CUP license for a 48-seat resaurant to serve booze until 1am during the week and 2am on the weekend. That was Boule I; Boule II is at 408 N. La Cienega. Myers probably has 20 concepts swimming in his brain at any given time, so who's to say what he has up his sleeve. Izakaya? Southern barbecue? Gastropub? Noodle shop? Offal bar? You'll know when we do.
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