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Eater Inside: Foxtail

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This little gem is Foxtail, SBE's new supper club (supper portion open for now, the upstairs club will open March 15). Sam Nazarian, Brent Bolthouse and Co. were going for a swanky Art Deco-meets-70s London nightclub vibe as interpreted by design firm Franklin Studios: Lots of textures, mirrors, stained glass, sparkle. The overall ambience is dark and intimate, a good setting for Ryan Magarian's cocktails and bistro fare from chef Antonia Lofaso, who we'll see on Top Chef: Chicago soon. Dining here won't get you access to the club upstairs, so don't bother milking that salad and glass of Champagne in hopes of hobnobbing. Since it's right next to Dan Tana's, the almost adjacent valet stands could be a more interesting scene anyway. More from the preview, and a look at the menu here.