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Bruni's Fraiche Sounds

Another reason why Fraiche made Frank Bruni's 10 best new restaurants from coast to coast: Chef Jason Travi's decision to put an obscure Bjork track on the restaurant play list, one of the Frankster's "all-time favorite songs." Travi told the critic: "My goal with the play list is to have the older people not complain, and have the list obscure enough that people can’t sing along in the restaurant.” Mission accomplished. One Fraiche play list coming up, via Bruni's blog. Thoughts and comments welcome.

Jason Travi's Fraiche List:
Galaxy 500, “Ceremony”
Air, “Afternoon Sister”
Arcade Fire, “Haiti”
Azure Ray, “Fever”
Bjork, “Unravel”
Blonde Redhead, “Top Ranking”
Broken Social Scene, “Cranley’s Gonna Make It”
Morcheeba, “Coi”
Chungking, “Angel Eyes”
Zero 7, “Distractions”
Guru, “The Traveler”
Massive Attack, “Three”
Her Space Holliday, “Hassle Free Harmony”
Martina Topley Bird, “Sandpaper Kisses”
Innocence Mission, “Every Hour Girl”
Jane’s Addiction, “Classic Girl”
Morrissey, “Every Day is Like Sunday”
Modest Mouse, “Blame it on the Tetons”
Pixies, “Wave of Mutilation” (UK Surf Mix)
Sigur Ros, “Hoppiolla”
The Smiths, “Half a Person”
The Sundays, “Can’t Be Sure”
Let’s Go Sailing, “Icicles”
Sinead O’Conner, “Petit Poulet”
Astrud Gilberto, “Gentle Rain”
Elliott Smith, “Baby Britain”

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