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EaterWire: Hungry Cat Turns Three, Chef Changes at Rustic Canyon, No Tiki Plans for Johnny's

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HOLLYWOOD: The Hungry Cat at Sunset + Vine turns three this year and celebrates with cheap cocktails on Saturday, March 8 from 11pm to 2am. Half-price cocktails, draft beers, wine specials, and the chance to try out that fancy new raw bar. Congrats to David Lentz and crew. [Caroline on Crack]

SILVER LAKE: Last week we reported that Bobby Green, Bigfoot Lodge owner, has taken over the former Johnny's Cocktail Lounge on Sunset Boulevard. While it's true Green will open a new bar there, it won't be Lucky Tiki. He tells Eater: "As much as I would love to re-open it, that location is much too close to Tiki Ti, and I wouldn't feel right about it." That's what we thought. No hard details on Green's plans for the new bar, but regarding another tiki lounge: "We are still on the hunt for the perfect location." [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA: We have it on good authority that opening chef Samir Mohajer is leaving Rustic Canyon in April. The split sounds amicable, put he's interested in pursuing his own place. No word on his replacement yet. [EaterWire Inbox]