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Eater Starwatch: Christina Ricci at Little Dom's, Kate Hudson at Il Sole, Giada at Mauro Cafe and MORE

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Lots of sightings at Nobu this week, but you know these celebrities: They're everywhere. Spot one? Right here in the StarWatch Tip Jar, please.

Little Dom's: Let's head to Los Feliz: "Some friends and I gave Little Dom's a try last night and I have to say, I quite liked it. It has such a good vibe. Sitting in one of the booths in the back corner, was Christina Ricci, along with some random guy. She had the pappardelle with sausage, ricotta and peas. Good choice, I thought, although my boyfriend had the same dish and his peas were undercooked. At least they were fresh, though." [StarWatch Inbox]

Fred Segal Mauro Cafe: A faithful tipster writes: "Giada DeLaurentis (whom I believe is pregnant) was there with her hubby on March 1. She had lentil soup and a salad; he had gnocchi." [StarWatch Inbox]

Il Sole: Kate Hudson having dinner with friends, no Owen Wilson in sight. [Planet Orbit]

Four Seasons: American Idol's Randy Jackson was having lunch, while California's First Lady, Maria Shriver, was spotted dining with a friend. [Planet Orbit]

Happy Ending: Former Melrose Placer Grant Show was busy "staring at some blond," said to be aging well, with floppy hair and "rock hard abs." [Defamer]

Melrose Bar & Grill: One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush was spotted with pals at the low-key spot. [Planet Orbit]

The Ivy: Of all the famous people to spot at the Ivy, a real-time sighting earlier this week: "March 5, 2008 12:50:31 PM PST - Joey Buttafuoco dining outside at the ivy right now!!" [Defamer]