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Beso: Thank God For Eva's Tortilla Soup and Guac

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We caught a lot of flack from the Beso PR machine for our reveal of the Todd English-Eva Longoria Parker restaurant earlier this week. See, when Hollywood's involved in a restaurant, it's all about the muy importante exclusives on Extra or in People and little else. In the clip above, Mario Lopez gets the "first private tour of her new baby" (oops!), and he explains to Longoria that the menu is "international cuisine with some Latin influences." Thanks, she says, "I'll have to use that." She then raves about her "famous" tortilla soup and guacamole, her contributions to the menu. In People:

English says the actress has been very involved in the restaurant's creation – from the etched Spanish poetry at the restaurant's entrance (including one poem from Eva's sister Emily), to picking out the three chandeliers which decorate the ceilings, to adding two specialties of the house – the guacamole and the tortilla soup. "I make the best guacamole in the world," says Parker. "And my tortilla soup for which I am renowned for."
Viva Eva Longoria! Without her, Hollywood would be devoid of tortilla soup, guacamole and fancy chandeliers. Makes you wonder what else is on the menu, right? We're still hearing Mediterranean influences, ceviche bar, fresh-fruit cocktails, but still no final details. Bonus thinkage: With all of this focus on Longoria's "influence," can Beso be a serious vehicle for the Todd English franchise? He's not one to just put his name on something and call it a day, but there are a lot of other people involved. Scene might trump substance in the end.
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