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EaterWire: What Is Xooro, Crazy Rock'N Sushi Not So Crazy, Vertical Lunch

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SANTA MONICA: The mystery of another unpronounceable restaurant comes our way via a tipster: "This store Xooro is opening between Joe's Pizza and 3rd street. Not sure what it is, the website is very vague. Right next to Xooro is another place called Evergreen which has teas/yogurt (?). Both are under construction." Please, do indulge: What's a Xooro? [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Sounding more and more like a shill, the reader who tipped us off to Crazy Rock'N Sushi opening at the Hollywood Gateway plaza next to BevMo writes: "Ok 'name snobs.' I went to this place today. It was good! I didn't expect much, but the sushi was top notch, my partner had Teriyaki Chicken that was as tender and tasty as I've ever had AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: They had a really decent Japanese curry Chicken.The place was almost completely full on its second day open." If they didn't go through the trouble of sending crappy cellphone pics to begin with, we'd say shill probability: 98%. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A query: "I was driving in to work this morning along Beverly Blvd just west of Robertson and noticed they had installed a sign for ‘lemonade’ on the building that used to be the Tea Garden (now moved to the old Elixir house on Melrose.)" That really could mean anything, so we throw it out to you, sweet/citrusy readers. [EaterWire Inbox]

PASADENA: Maybe they needed the business, maybe they want to help out while the economy is in the crapper, but Vertical Wine Bistro added lunch service last week. Chef Sara Levine added new a la carte items that aren't available on the dinner menu, plus there's an $18 three-courser (Tue-Sat). And more than 75 wines by the glass to wash it all down. [EaterWire Inbox]