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Euro Pane Gets a Facelift

If you've never had one of Sumi Chang's crossants, egg or chicken salad on rosemary-currant bread, coffee or tea, or even stepped foot into Pasadena's Euro Pane bakery and cafe on Colorado Boulevard, this won't mean much. But if you're one of the people who regularly pops in for any of those items (or the oatmeal cookie we're currently enjoying), and complains about the lack of seats or the fact that you had to follow hand-written signs to the dish bin behind the counter (which no one does), then you will be happy to know that the little cafe/bakery is finally getting a much needed sprucing up. This new green wall here is on the original side of the cafe near the cash register. Please note the trash can, yes, a real honest-to-goodness trash can, sitting to the bottom left of that spiffy new coffee caddy. On the other half, the cement floor has been re-glazed, the wall will also sport the new Spring green color, the old coffee station will be tossed, and---wait for it---new benches and tables will be added. Now, if they can only get someone to start making the cinnamon rolls good again, there would be 100% more joy.

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