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Food & Wine Gives LA Some Love

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Food & Wine magazine throws LA a bone for not picking one of our local toques as Best New Chef (again). Several restaurants figure prominently in the new "2008 Go List":

10 Restaurant Cities to Watch
Los Angeles ranks #5, snuggled between Toronto and Athens

10 Best New Restaurants of the Year
Osteria Mozza makes the cut (rank is irrelevant, listed alphabetically), but joins the Bubbles Bar at Guy Savoy in Vegas (not really a "new restaurant" but OK), O Ya in Boston, and ONE in Toronto

10 Best Restaurants With a View
Catch at Casa del Mar shares company with restaurants in Dubai, Tel-Aviv and Istanbul.

Other locals listed without category shout-outs include: Bastide, Campanile, Comme Ça, Fraîche, The Hungry Cat, La Terza, Paperfish, R-23, Urasawa, V-Vinbar at Valentino. Ah...basking in the glory of consolation prizes.
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