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Pinkberry Settles Lawsuit, Finally Lists All Ingredients

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Spotted in the Los Angeles Times today: a settlement notice for a lawsuit against Pinkberry for keeping its "swirly bliss" a secret. (Not that it matters much.) Filed last year, the plaintiff claimed Pinkberry is not frozen yogurt, healthy, all-natural, non-fat, nor did they disclose to the public exactly what's in the stuff. Pinkberry denies any wrongdoing, that they were already working with the California Department of Food & Agriculture to "reformulate" before this lawsuit. Of course, that was after they served the sketchy substance to millions, and after others sued.

A rep for Pinkberry confirms that the suit is completely settled, and the company has to pay $750,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and Paras Los Ninos, attorney's fees of $250,000, and a $5,000 award to the woman who initiated the suit. Now that Starbucks invested in the swirly stuff, what's a cool $1 mil anyway. And so we all can find out what's going on, the court ordered this announcement be listed in the Los Angeles Times (got it!) and on the Pinkberry website, which it isn't. But bonus: As of only a month ago, the swirly ingredients---all the propylene glycol esters, guar gum, Yellow 5 Lake, monodiglycerides and other additives---are now listed. And to think it only took three years after the first store opened to learn what's in the stuff.
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